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what is crm

Cultural Resource Management is a profession that is concerned with preserving the material aspects of heritage and history. In some cases, CRM is concerned with preserving some of the non-material aspects of heritage, such as stories, memories, and traditional sacred places and practices. CRM has been crafted largely by the U.S. Park Service, a division of the Department of the Interior, which funds many of the preservation and management programs across the nation. Yet, the purpose of preservation is not to save things for the sake of saving them. Correctly interpreted, historic and cultural resources can form the backbone of a community’s identity, providing many opportunities for economic development. The purpose of the field of Cultural Resource Management (CRM) is to appropriately study, preserve, and manage these resources so that they will survive for future generations.

Why Study CRM at WVU?

why study crm

The Cultural Resource Management Program at West Virginia University is distinctive in that its interdisciplinary structure draws faculty and students from across the University. Our graduate certificate can augment almost any graduate degree (master or doctoral level) at WVU, or it may also be completed independently of other graduate work. Many of our students earn their certificate while completing a masters or doctorate in the following areas:

Don’t see your program listed above? No problem! CRM fits well with almost any graduate field. Send us an email and we will be happy to work with you and your department.

Sample work completed during semester-long community-based projects: